Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Instant Justice

As I pulled up to a red light this weekend, a Camaro that had been driving a few car lengths behind me changed lanes, stepped on the gas, and flew through the intersection, accelerating through the blatantly red light.  That sort of thing happens far too often, and the jerks behind the wheel always seem to speed away without any negative consequences.  I sat at the light, hoping to see the driver get pulled over or wrap his car around a telephone pole, but as always, he flew down the street unscathed.

These situations are always frustrating, but I've found that the more expensive the car involved, the more the situation bothers me.  The size of the ego and the sense of superiority I imagine the driver feels grow exponentially with the value of his ride.  With Sunday's Camaro incident, I'd have to put my anger at about a four on a one-to-ten scale, with one being completely indifferent and ten being all-out road rage.  The car was an early 2000s Chevy Camaro, which isn't a completely terrible car, but let's face it, it's made by the same company as the Malibu...

Why couldn't a cop have been sitting at that same stoplight, ready to write up a speeding ticket and a reckless driving charge?  Or why couldn't Mr. Camaro drive himself right into a roadside ditch?  It's rare that you see justice served immediately after a poor decision in an automobile; at the least, you hope that a tragic fate befalls the driver at some point in the future...and that the he doesn't take out any innocent bystanders in the process.

A video recently hit YouTube that brings a smile to my face every time I watch it.  Not only does the driver get exactly what he deserves, but I feel grateful that the kids in the car behind him had the luck and foresight to capture the whole thing on video.  As they sat behind a yellow Lamborghini at a stoplight, they could tell the driver was itching to step on the gas as soon as the light turned green.  And boy were they right....take a look:

It's worth noting that this particular car, the Lamborghini Gallardo, costs around $225,000.  The driver is obviously too rich to care about a speeding ticket, so watching his Lamborghini wear a Grand Marquis and a Honda SUV like a pair of earmuffs at the end of this little joyride is about the sweetest ending I could imagine. And then pile on the embarrassment of losing control of his car and having the scene played over and over on the internet (12.6 million views and counting!).  I only wish the kids in the car behind him had stuck around to capture the look on his face.  Like I said before, this sort of thing doesn't happen nearly often enough, but in this case, I'm incredibly thankful it was a Lamborghini and that someone was there with a camera.

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