Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Nexus of the Universe

As you may recall--or as you may be trying to forget--one week ago today I posted an entry on this blog highlighting an exciting new player in the footwear market with a unique logo: Gravity Defyer's now famous sperm shoes.  With some intense thought over the past seven days and the occurrence of an interesting event, I've decided that Gravity Defyer owes me big time.

On Saturday night I was preparing to publish my latest blog post.  I clicked the "Preview" button to give the post one final review to make sure it met my extremely high quality standards.  I got to the bottom of the post and confirmed that I had removed at least 30% of the typos...all systems go!  Just as I got ready to close the preview window and click "Publish," an advertisement caught my eye:

I find it interesting that Blogger displays non-clickable ads in preview mode, but whatever...it was an ad for Gravity Defyer, complete with images of the sperm shoes!  Worlds were colliding--Gravity Defyer was advertising right here on my blog!  I guess I shouldn't be all that surprised, since Google's AdSense program specifically targets ads to match the content of the website where the ad appears.  When I complain about taxes, H&R Block ads show up.  When I blogged about Tide thefts, laundry detergent ads showed up on the blog.  More than anything, I was surprised that Gravity Defyer was an AdSense customer.

That brings me to my main point: I'd say I deserve a huge ad revenue payout from Gravity Defyer.  Where else is the company going to get a more relevant site to post ads?  I really don't want to know what kinds of websites sperm shoe ads normally show up on, but here I am providing free, relevant content, talking up the shoes and predicting that Gravity Defyer takes control of the footwear world.  By posting such praise, I introduced at least three new potential customers to Gravity Defyer's product line.  This blog and those shoes are a match made in heaven!  As I child, I never would have never predicted that I'd spend part of adulthood indirectly peddling sperm shoes.  I'll admit, it feels satisfying and creepy all at the same time.

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