Saturday, April 14, 2012

That's More Like It!

Apparently I need to complain about the weather more often.  After yesterday's cold, wet, disgusting mess, today was an absolute delight:

By mid-afternoon, it was a nearly perfect day, with temperatures in the low 70s, no wind, and hardly a cloud in the sky.  I decided it was time to bring out the roller blades for the first time this year.  Sure, roller blading isn't the manliest sport out there--every time I put them on, I remember a quote that a friend had on his Facebook wall for years: "Do you know what the hardest part is about about roller blading?  Telling your parents you're gay."  Regardless, I headed to Lake Calhoun, hoping to enjoy the afternoon and take a stand for straight guys all over Minneapolis who enjoy roller blading.

I wasn't the only one targeting an afternoon at the lake.  Don't let the picture of the briefly-empty path fool you--it was plenty crowded out there today.  Driving through uptown to get to Calhoun wasn't my wisest decision.  While it's theoretically the fastest route from Plymouth, the stoplights and hipster bikers and pedestrians slowed me down terribly.  By the time I finally made it to the lake, found a parking spot, and strapped on the roller blades, clouds had overtaken the sky:

Everything would have looked much better with some sunshine, but the temperature was still perfect, and the rain never showed up.  Once I got started, I just couldn't stop myself, despite the blisters I could feel forming on my feet.  It was hardly a surprise--that just goes with the territory.  I'm convinced that a blister-free roller blade simply does not exist.  Even the most comfortable pairs I've ever owned start to cause problems after a few miles.  Duct tape helps prevent some of the blistering, but it's far from perfect:

It's a sure sign that I enjoy being outside on a nice day, because pulling those strips of duct tape off my legs and feet brings with it a solid half-pound of hair.  I'm thrilled I had the opportunity to share this beautiful photo with the world.  But a few blisters, some patchy spots on the legs, and shins so criss-crossed with duct tape scratches that look they were pulled out of a bear trap are still worth it. 

I tried to enjoy the afternoon and the view as much as possible, because the weather man's words from last night are still ringing in my ears: "...and the possibility of snowfall in the forecast!"  Nothing was going to bring me down today.  I refuse to look at the forecast again until June.

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