Saturday, June 30, 2012

At Long Last, The Century Mark!

As of midnight tonight, my fourth full month of daily blogging will be in the books.  I'm thrilled to report that I've achieved my lifelong goal--or at least my goal of the past few months--by blowing past my $100 ad revenue earnings goal!  At the end of last month, I sat on the doorstep of greatness, with more than $75 in unpaid earnings.

Once again, I went the whole month without checking to see how the blog earnings were adding up.  I had my concerns, what with my having to publish two weeks worth of vacation-shortened blog posts via the Blogger app in June.  But apparently having something different and mildly entertaining to write about pays off, because June was the best month yet, with over $30 in ad revenue.  Not to get all mathematical, but that's more than $1 a day.  At this rate, my blog is a perfect candidate to help the Christian Children's that Santa-looking guy in the commercial says, "For a dollar a day, you can feed a family of thirty-six for a full year in Ethiopia."  At last I think that's how it goes.

At $1 of ad revenue a day, I've officially made the big-time.  Less successful blogs could only fund the 14¢ a day that it takes to prevent violent kitten biting in third-world countries:

But I digress...anyway, here's the traditional, woefully undersized monthly revenue chart.  Maybe one of these months I'll figure out how to get this thing to show up in a normal size.  But as you can barely see, June was the best month ever, though Passionately Apathetic posted its second consecutive shutout, a fact that I'm hardly apathetic about.

Despite the shutout, June was still an overwhelmingly positive month.  Between the two blogs, I'm well over the $100 threshold...this blog alone is knocking on the door of the century mark, but with a little help from the struggling Passionately Apathetic, I'm sitting at $108.

The implications of this milestone are huge.  Once June revenue finalizes, Google will be depositing $108 into my bank account, which means I'll be a professional writer!  Seems like the perfect time to quit my job and focus on this blossoming new career...this modest payday will feel much more gratifying that any paycheck I've received for my "efforts" at the office over the years.

Part of me wishes that I hadn't set up direct deposit on my AdSense account, because receiving a paper check in the mail would be a sweet, sweet moment--a line on the bank statement just isn't quite the same.  But then again, I'm sure I'd end up framing that check and would never actually deposit it, so at least this way I can enjoy the cash.  I've been asked what I'll do with this nice little bonus.  The Christian Children's Fund will just have to wait--I can't think of anything more exhilarating than depositing that money directly into a savings account and watching it grow at a hefty 0.000005% interest rate.  By the time I'm ninety years old, I'm going to be sitting on a $112 nest egg. 

P.S.: I'm still feeling extremely thankful about the story that inspired yesterday's blog post.  It's rare that a news headline includes both Wal-Mart shoppers and bathroom hijinx, two of my favorite topics.  I don't consider myself a religious person, but it's like Jebus himself super-glued that Wal-Mart toilet seat just for me.

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