Sunday, June 3, 2012

One Hundred!

Today marks the official 100th anniversary of this blog!  Not only has this blog merely existed for one hundred days, it also includes one hundred posts!  Believe it or not, I've managed to post something every single day since starting this mess on February 25th.  I'm more shocked than anyone, but there are clearly some well-known streak-holders who are pretty impressed with my efforts:

In honor of this blog's 100th anniversary, I tried to contact Willard Scott at The Today Show to see if Away From the Cubicle could appear on that segment where he wishes all those centenarians a happy birthday.

I don't think 'ol Willy even got my message.  All I received in response was an angry letter from an NBC intern pointing out two big reasons why this blog would not be making an appearance on their program: (1) it's only 100 days old, not 100 years old, and (2) it's a blog, not a person.  At least they were kind enough not to mention anything about the quality of the writing.

As for the age of this still-young blog, I kindly reminded the folks at NBC that if the blog were 100 years old, the quality of its posts would be significantly diminished, if it's possible to even imagine such a scenario.  And that age, this blog's author would be pushing 130 years old, and the daily posts would focus on riveting topics like rheumatoid arthritis and fiber-induced regularity.  Plus I'd be busy making the Guinness Book world tour as the oldest blogger in the history of the world.  Despite my compelling arguments, I plead my case to no avail.

Since NBC wouldn't give this blog the attention is so clearly deserves, I decided to honor it myself.  Who needs a national TV audience when I can reach six people by writing up a celebration-themed post and publishing it here?  In my opinion, Willard Scott's always been a little creepy anyway...

Better looking than every one of Willard's honorees.

Now the obvious question is: "how long will the streak continue?"  I have no idea, but I'm bound to have to take a day off in the near future.  As much as I'd like it to end on my terms and take that metaphorical seat on the bench at a time of my choosing, I fear that work could force me to end of this historic and memorable run.

Only four and a half work days stand between me and the end of Spring Plan.  I can see the light at the end of the re-plan tunnel, but before I emerge at the other side and find myself engulfed in the blinding brightness of freedom, I have a financial minefield to navigate.  I already survived last week's extremely annoying, not-on-the-official-calendar "Prelim Re-Plan."  If the company's going to waste thousands of man hours rebuilding a financial plan, why not waste a few more hours and provide a "preview" one week early with bad information?

I regret to report that work already invaded my precious free time this weekend.  I found myself logged into the work laptop last night between the hours of 11PM and 1AM, a prime block of time typically reserved for blogging.  In that state of zombie-like fatigue that sets in late at night, I'm able to churn out some of my best work.  And again this afternoon, I was logged back in to the work laptop, trying to get some of the pain out of the way before the week gets underway.

Unfortunately, all my effort will likely go to waste, since the final and critical pieces of the financial puzzle won't be available until Tuesday night, and the finished product is due before noon on Wednesday.  I'll try to focus on the bright side: since the plan will be wildly inaccurate anyway, we might as well cram the pain into a period of less than twenty-four hours instead of spending days on it.  I'll just have to bring a sleeping bag and a change of clothes with me to the office on Tuesday.

The end is so close, yet so far away.  It's the final countdown....maybe that should be the official soundtrack for the week:

Happy 100th to Away From The Cubicle!

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