Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 6: More Magnificent Malibu

Today was day number two in Malibu--any city that shares a name with my fine, tan car warrants at least a second day's stay. The hike of the day was Ray Williams trail at Point Mugu State Park, just off Pacific Coast Highway north of Malibu. Once again, there were some great ocean views despite low clouds that refused to go away. The trail offered a wide variety of terrain, with prairie grass, wooded areas, shrubbery, and plenty of rock. The end of the hike was unexpectedly prolonged by a diamondback rattlesnake in the trail that didn't seem too anxious to move along. All told, it was 10.7 miles of quality hiking despite the lack of sunshine. The only downside is the deteriorating shape of my feet--the right one is covered in blisters, and the left is in some severe pain on the bottom, bruised from miles of hiking on jagged rocks. Not sure why the right foot didn't suffer the same fate, but I'm glad it didn't. Let's hope a night of sleep does wonders for my ailing left foot...

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