Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 3: More Canyon...Could It Be More Grand?

Overnight lows were in the mid-30s...never what you want to see, especially when sleeping in a tent. My biggest problem was my refusal to put anything under my sleeping bag, which made for a rocky night. Today's hike was from the rim of the Grand Canyon down to Indian Gardens on Bright Angel Trail, 9 miles round trip. I seem to be at least somewhat over my old fear of heights. But like I've said before, the thought of falling into the canyon is pretty much on par with everyday life at work. I learned today that I enjoy being in the canyon a lot more than being at the top of the canyon--interestingly, the quality of the people goes up the further you go many annoying tourists and children up there. As I approached the rim on the hike out, I passed a guy smoking and drinking a can of beer on the side of the trail. Classic...go America!

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