Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Not two days after setting a personal record by reaching the triple digits of consecutive-day blogging, I'm breaking all kind of new records.  I expected today to be one of the worst work days of the year; it was, just not in the way I expected it.  Today was supposed to be the final hurdle of re-plan, the last absurd time crunch before that dreadful 9:30AM deadline tomorrow morning.

The real work couldn't even start until 5PM this evening, when we were supposed to during last year's plan process, so I wasn't too optimistic that I'd receive anything on time.  And sure enough, 5:00 came and went and I'd received absolutely nothing.  So I drove to the gym...I figure can just as easily not get work done there as I can while sitting at the office waiting around for an Excel file that may not show up for hours.  As I sat in the parking lot eating my chicken, I got the email--the production schedule was available.

So, I set a record for the shortest workout of the year, came home, and got to work.  It'll be an early morning tomorrow as I struggle to make sense of all this craziness.  But I was expecting this time-crunch.  The real cause of despair was a separate piece of news that arrived via email mid-day.  There's discussions that company leaders may want to readjust most of the assumptions one more time before re-plan is over.  We did an impromptu "prelim" re-plan last week; this was supposed to be the normal, regularly scheduled re-plan this week, but now we might have to throw today's work out and do it all again for some kind of twisted "post re-plan."  I'm furious at the mere thought...it's absurd!  A third go-round of absolutely useless rework!!

My deepest sympathies go out to my co-worker, a nice guy who, unfortunately for him, will be the only one from my group in the office next week.  If this mess isn't wrapped up by Friday--and it's certainly looking like it won't be--he'll have to step in for me and finish re-re-building the budget, and he's been minimally involved and won't know what to do.

And now I must head to bed.  I'm angry, tired, frustrated, and extremely bitter.  And with that, I set another record: the shortest, most uninteresting, short-on-pictures blog post to date.  I wrote on Sunday that "The Final Countdown" would be the theme song of the week.  After some serious thought, I've decided that another song sums up my feelings more accurately at this moment:

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