Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Watch Out For That Iceberg!

There's a strong inverse correlation between hours spent at the office and length of the day's blog post.  Today was a long day, so, like yesterday, this will have to be relatively brief.  The good news is that I left work before 5PM...but that was only fair after waking up before 5:30AM and heading to the office much earlier than normal.  Fortunately, one of my coworkers happened to be cleaning out his apartment last night and, feeling sympathetic to my Spring Plan struggles, gave me one of most appropriate signs to ever grace the walls of a cubicle:

The sign really hit the spot on a day like today, which began way to early with a chaos-filled morning as I raced to finish things up before the first deadline.  I'm proud to report that we pulled off a finance miracle and met that impossible deadline.  It was intense morning of budgeting and finance professionalism, as you can clearly see:

I successfully charted a course through the choppy waters of Re-Plan--you might say I excelled today (for those you less fluent in the language of finance, that's a spreadsheet pun...which, but the way, would have absolutely killed at the office).  But whatever small progress I made felt like a hollow victory, knowing that I could be starting over again tomorrow.  I'm no Leonardo DiCaprio, but I fear that there may be a giant, yet-to-be-seen iceberg looming ahead in the dark sea of finance.  But there's only a day and a half left this week before I sail off into the sunset for two weeks away from the cubicle.

If you're thinking that my new cubicle decoration sends a rather pessimistic message, I couldn't agree more.  And that's what so great this little desk ornament--it evolves with my mood:

With a simple flip, the world is much happier place.  Regardless of what happens tomorrow, once Friday hits I'll be turning my frown--and that sign--upside down.  On an interesting side note, there's a guy at the office whose last name is Paradise; we're hoping he doesn't stop by my desk when the sign is happy-side-out, or things could get awkward.  And with that, I must rest to ensure that I'm fully alert for the rest of the week...if I fail to spot that iceberg, disaster will undoubtedly strike.

P.S.: As a special treat for subjecting my readers to yet another boring office-themed blog post, I have a fun challenge: can you spot what's wrong with the captain's hat photo above?  Look carefully...observant readers will notice that the picture couldn't have been taken today...

What you saw was actually a captain's hat stock photo from almost six months ago.  The giveaway?  My beloved-but-now-defunct backpack is hiding under the desk in the lower right corner of the picture:

If you failed to see that, shame on you.  You call yourself of loyal follower of this blog?  I expect more focus tomorrow.  And in return, I'll write about something unrelated to work, I promise.

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  1. It's late and I was focusing only on the hat cause I didn't read carefully; otherwise I would have gotten it right off!