Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 5: Malibu

The day started with a brief stop at Vasquez Rocks, a park that's appeared in a bunch of movies and TV shows. William Shatner himself battled space aliens on these rocks. Then it was on to Malibu Creek State Park to set up camp, then some hiking at Charmlee Wilderness Park...amazing how hard to find places can be when you ignore signs. The park had some great ocean views...the trail made it feel like I was sitting on my front porch with the Pacific and Highway 1 for lawn ornaments. Before dark, I got down to sea level for a close-up of the ocean near Dume Point in Malibu. I closed the day by devouring a rotisserie chicken back at the campsite. I'm not talking movies when I say "gone in sixty seconds." I went at that thing with a ferocity and clarity of purpose typically reserved for Olympic athletes. I can guarantee that the two German guys one campsite over have never seen anything like that back in Munich. Now, since this is bear country, I'm going to throw that chicken carcass into one of the campsites with annoying children...

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